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It's an established fact that homes with home warranties are selling at higher prices and fast than homes without a home warranty.  You can attract prospective home buyers today when you include a home warranty from Home Warranty Administrators.  A home warranty gives realtors, buyers, and sellers a competitive edge that can make selling homes all the more enjoyable.
Sell Real Estate Faster
A home warranty provides a competitive edge over other homes on the market and represents confidence to the buyer.

Sell Real Estate for a Higher Price
When a buyer has the confidence of a home warranty in a transaction, it discourages downward price negotiations.

Sell Real Estate with Confidence
After your sale is final, your customers will enjoy peace of mind and budget protection with a home warranty.

  Most home buyers become completely overwhelmed with the home purchasing process, with very good reason. Once they reach the final stretch and there is time to breathe again, the last thing they want is the pressure of yet another decision. This is when the real estate professional steps in and lightens the load of the home buyer significantly by taking care of enrolling the new property in one of our home warranty plans.

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